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DANGUIR Telematics in a nutshell

Importer, installer, supplier of GPS equipment and tracking platforms

DANGUIR Telematics is an importer, installer, supplier of GPS equipment and real-time GPS tracking and geolocation platform.
With its large network of technicians in Morocco which is constantly evolving, DANGUIR Telematics aims to provide its valued customers with the best after-sales service they deserve, in order to maximize the return on their investments in the management solution for their vehicle fleets. So GPS tracking tools will be a real means of saving non-stop operating costs, not just a means of control! Several sectors of activity:

  • Transport and logistics
  • Construction sector
  • School transportation
  • Car rental
  • Shopping & Deliveries
  • Boats & Yachts
  • Mining operations
  • Troubleshooting & after-sales service


Creativity, excellence and respect are our common values. They allow us to be a truly trusted partner for our customers.


In a world in perpetual motion, we are determined to surpass ourselves to find, each time, the right solution by intelligently combining talent, data and technology.


We always strive for the best. We are aware that this comes down to wanting to achieve objectives in an environment where digital transformation is constantly shifting the lines.


We are convinced that collective intelligence, teamwork, with our employees but also with our customers, is a powerful lever for meeting challenges and achieving our ambitions.


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