Follow the status of your fleet in real time

Our solutions give you unlimited possibilities to optimize your fleet management, whatever the activity or the size of your vehicle fleet.

From proactive maintenance to fuel management, through driving behavior, or on-board camera solutions, DanguirTelematics accompanies you throughout the journey, to guarantee the efficiency and safety of your operations.

With an affordable monthly rate, you too can benefit from the advantages of our solutions and gain competitiveness in your sector.

Danguir Telematics Solutions

fuel control

Fuel costs can reach up to 60% of the logistics costs of a vehicle fleet. For a fleet of 100 trucks, unnecessary consumption would even cost an average of 1.2 million MAD per year.

STG Telematics’ fuel monitoring solution allows you to monitor fuel consumption levels and track, accurately and in real time, all fuel indicators that have a direct impact on the operational efficiency of your fleet.

Preventive maintenance​

Prevent wear and tear on your vehicles and reduce maintenance costs by taking a preventative approach to maintaining your fleet.

By closely monitoring the health of your fleet and scheduling your maintenance alerts in advance, you can proactively address maintenance issues before they arise and turn into costly repairs or vehicle downtime.

Driving behavior

Smooth and responsible driving can lead to up to 20% reduction in fuel consumption while the number of collisions could be reduced by half.

Our driving behavior module gives you analytical insight into the behavior of your drivers behind the wheel. An overall safety score will allow you to assess the relative risk rate for each, and to analyze the driver’s profile based on our driving parameters.

Route status management

Optimizing your fleet also involves route planning.

Our route status management solution allows you to plan routes, create waypoints and geofences, and generate alarms to detect vehicles that deviate from their predefined route.

Ideal for ensuring the satisfaction of your customers, thanks to its module for estimating arrival times, this solution also allows you to save time and fuel costs.

Refrigeration solutions

Avoid theft and damage to your goods with our solutions for refrigerated trucks and cold rooms.

  • Measure the interior temperature of refrigerated containers in real time.
  • Detect unauthorized openings and closings.
  • Generate immediate alerts in the event of a refrigerator motor cut-off.

Solution of Onboard Cameras with AI

Our on-board camera solution with Artificial Intelligence is designed to increase the safety and efficiency of your operations by combining recorded images with driving data, in order to provide you with reliable visibility of incidents that occur on the road.

This AI-powered solution helps identify risky behavior and notify drivers in real time to avoid collisions.

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