Geolocation by GPS of Ambulances and SAMU

Being a sensitive and delicate service, the SAMU can put human lives at risk, a rigorous control and monitoring of the ambulance and the personnel on board is then imperative.
The geo-tracking service of Danguir Telematics intended for Ambulances and emergency medical aid services (SAMU) is very effective for:
  • locate and send the nearest ambulance to the scene of the intervention
  • monitor the progress of operations in real time
  • Limit out-of-service or unauthorized travel
  • reduce maintenance costs and wear of spare parts
  • the delay in the departure of ambulances to the place of intervention

Ambulance tracking reduces costs and increases the efficiency of SAMU

Emergency medical services have a number of beneficial reasons to invest in GPS equipment for ambulance tracking, but one of the main reasons for paramedics is that automatic GPS tracking technology can literally help the SAMU to reduce its costs. For example, GPS tracking units can provide detailed information about miles traveled, vehicle idling, and aggressive driving behaviors such as hard braking activity. At a time when fuel prices are very high, it is important that ambulance drivers do not consume fuel through negligence. At the same time, it is also important for them to practice safe driving behaviors in non-emergency situations, in order to preserve the condition of the vehicle in the long term. Automatic GPS tracking can be useful in all scenarios, but most importantly, GPS ambulance tracking technology can help EMS better manage route efficiency and ensure that the nearest ambulance in the field reacts to an emergency.

GPS vehicle tracking is now commonplace in the business world and it seems like a natural transition for GPS real-time location technology to become more entrenched in the healthcare industry. Especially when it comes to prolonging the life of ambulances and the people they carry.

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