Fleet management and security solution for car rental agencies

DanguirTelematics guarantees its customers of car rental agencies, a high quality service which allows them for example to:

  • geolocate their cars in real time on a digital map
  • easily find a car thanks to the integrated routes on our mobile tracking application
  • be notified by alerts in the event of:
    • speeding
    • accidents and violent shocks
    • connection of the GPS unit
    • removal by a breakdown service (towing)
    • low car battery, etc.
  • access to a year’s history of the movement of their fleet, which is very useful for solving problems with customers or an administration
  • possibility to set service and maintenance alerts such as:
    • drain
    • renew insurance
    • change tires / brake pads / timing chain
    • make a technical visit, etc.
  • receive alerts if a car enters / leaves a geographical area (Geofencing)
  • share the location of a vehicle with an employee, customer or driver, etc.

Anti-theft solution specially developed for car rental companies

In addition to all these advantages, DanguirTelematics also offers models of GPS trackers that guarantee optimal security against car theft thanks to their stability that rarely requires maintenance, undetectable shape and a special anti-theft installation exclusively developed by our experts.

Additional options

Danguir Telematics also provides its customers with a range of complementary innovative solutions that will contribute to securing and having more visibility on their fleets, by offering them the possibility of installing:
  • car hood opening sensor
  • a communication kit to listen/talk to the driver in the cabin if his phone is unreachable
  • a buzzer that sounds when the driver exceeds a given maximum speed
  • a system for opening/closing doors/windows remotely via the mobile application
  • a wireless backup GPS box that has a battery life of several months

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