Geolocation by GPS of Buses and Coaches for the management of public transport

In order to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your public transportation service, it should be upgraded with the latest technology, such as GPS tracking. Monitoring your bus/coach fleet using the GPS system can help improve the quality of public transport:

1. With a GPS tracking system, transit managers can easily monitor the location and activities of their vehicles. GPS systems can provide location data, route history and service completion in the most efficient way possible. As such, they can give management a way to track employee and vehicle performance and detect possible drivability issues and vehicle misuse. In this way, they can better guide their drivers and speed up emergency response in the event of an accident.

2. Tracks enable effective route management and improved decision making. As idle times and routes are shorter, fuel costs are also reduced, which benefits the business in the long run. Passengers are also satisfied due to the streamlining of services.

3. Vehicles are also monitored properly and timely data is provided on vehicle performance and speed. This makes it easier to determine when; vehicles may require repairs or maintenance. This, in turn, reduces repair costs or the incidence of faulty equipment in the future.

4. It also improves communication between drivers and dispatchers. With GPS technology, managers can easily view the location data of their fleet of vehicles simply by accessing the GPS tracking platform on PC or through the mobile app. This helps them stay on top of the game. When there are accidents and obstacles, managers are easily informed; thus, they can then think of possible solutions in advance.

5. Bus and coach tracking helps passengers have better access to real-time updates. They can easily be updated to the arrival, departure and waiting times of the chosen transit. Accurate updates are provided using real-time tracking features, and they can access this data simply by accessing a mobile app. Overall, thanks to their interactivity and better information, passengers feel satisfied with the level of service provided to them and are therefore much more likely to become loyal customers.


In short, the GPS tracking system for buses, coaches allows you to:

  • follow the position of buses/coaches in real time on a digital map of Google Maps plan and satellite
  • receive alerts if abnormal behavior is detected
    monitor fuel consumption and filling as you go
  • immobilize the vehicle remotely if necessary
  • have detailed reports on the use and the kilometers traveled by the buses/coaches
  • receive notifications when a car needs maintenance, insurance renewal or a technical visit.

We can also offer other more advanced features that can be customized according to the customer’s need and the specificity of the public transport service offered.

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