Reliable and accurate anti-theft and fuel tracking system

Building and public works companies now have an effective and reliable solution to fight against fuel theft, non-compliance with working hours, theft of their machinery and the use of their fleet illegally outside of missions. work, which can generate significant costs given the large number of vehicles that construction companies usually have.

The solution against illegal use, theft of vehicles/machines and fraud in working hours

With DanguirTelematics, you will be able to geolocate vehicles by GPS, so the company’s fleet managers can keep an eye on the entire fleet at the same time remotely on our tracking platform. That said, knowing the position of any vehicle/machine in real time.
By opting for DanguirTelematics tracking services for the construction sector, the chances of illegal use or theft of vehicles/machinery will be significantly reduced. Drivers/drivers now know that their trips are supervised by their managers, and that even if they are busy or on leave, they always have access to a one-year history to see their trips and their behavior.
With GPS geolocation equipment, employees will be led to self-control, to mobilize vehicles strictly within the framework of a mission, and also to respect working hours, even in a distant site. The DanguirTelematics solution allows fleet managers and the HR department to know at what time workers started their day, the duration of the break and the time of the end of the day, in real time, a online history or on table reports exportable to Excel.

DanguirTelematics’ solution to stop bleeding losses linked to the scourge of fuel theft

One of the major operating costs of construction companies, and fuel! The large volumes of the tanks of machines, trucks and tractors delight fuel thieves who know that without a means of remote control by GPS plotters, supervisors cannot know the real consumption of vehicles/machines, which can vary between 5 to 20%, because these fuel thieves can justify this variability by several false reasons, that those in charge often have no way to confirm or invalidate them!
This is where the DanguirTelematics solution for remote fuel monitoring comes in to limit this kind of breach of trust, which causes construction companies to lose very large sums, because the theft of 5-20% per day of work of a 500L tank is an average loss of 500DH/day, 15000/month and 180000DH/year and this per vehicle!
Our state-of-the-art equipment is able to inform managers of the number of liters filled in the tank, the location and the exact time. This control can be carried out in real time or on well-structured reports available in graphic version or tables exportable to Excel.

With DanguirTelematics and its GPS management and geolocation solutions, allows construction companies to:

  • track the position of vehicles/machines in real time on a digital map of Google maps in Plan and Satellite version
  • receive alerts if abnormal behavior, illegal use or leaving a predefined area is detected
  • track fuel consumption and filling as it happens and receive alarms if fuel theft is suspicious
  • immobilize vehicles remotely in case of theft, or to restrict unauthorized use
    have detailed reports on the use and the kilometers traveled by the vehicles/cars
  • have reports on the number of hours of operation of the machines
    receive notifications when a vehicle/machine requires maintenance, insurance renewal or a technical visit.
Because each company is unique, we can also, on request, offer more advanced features tailored to the specific needs of each company in the construction sector.

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