Employee, sales and delegate tracking system

DanguirTelematics’ solution for tracking employees, sales representatives, delegates and any personnel traveling in the field by GPS via our Web and mobile application on iPhone / Android, is a complete monitoring, control and management system of your human resources in the field. It is an efficient, low-cost operation for fleet and interim operators, businesses and public administrations.

By adopting our Geo-Tracking solution for your personnel, you will improve their safety, efficiency and performance while reducing operating costs. This is a GPS employee tracking solution. Follow your entire force of representatives in the field in real time, on your smartphone or PC.

Geo-Tracking of your employees on the move with or without a vehicle

DanguirTelematics provides a solution for any type of personnel movement, so with our fixed or portable GPS beacons, you can follow your sales representatives in the field, virtually in any condition, in order to optimize your company’s resources by giving you access to vital information that will help you improve your sales/services and reduce your costs.

Basic features

  • Real-time tracking
  • Engine running hours
  • Travel hours
  • Geo-zone control (Geofencing)
  • Mileage traveled
  • Visibility on compliance with the schedule and working
  • hours
  • Optimization of routes and distance traveled
  • Possibility of knowing the location of the customers of
  • your sales representatives / delegates thanks to the
  • history of one year of their movements if necessary

Advanced features

  • Possibility of communication with the staff via the GPS
  • beacon if his telephone is unreachable
  • Fuel consumption control
  • Driving behavior
  • Integration with your human resources management
  • applications, orders, customers etc.

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