GPS geolocation of the school fleet and all types of school transport

School transport is one of the services that finds great success among parents of students, and this great success pushes schools to expand their fleet of school transport, which complicates the management and optimization of operating costs.

This is where the DanguirTelematics solution comes in, which can give visibility to school managers to control the fuel/diesel consumption of their vehicles, especially by having an idea of the liters added to the tank each time one of their vehicles is filling up with fuel.

The DanguirTelematics Geo-tracking service also offers the possibility of:

  • minimize the risk of offenses and accidents to guarantee
  • maximum safety for students
  • enforce the itineraries indicated to the drivers to avoid
  • any delay
  • having access to a history is very useful to see more
  • clearly in the event of a complaint
  • be notified if the driver:
  • leaves the zone indicated to him
  • speeding or dangerous driving
  • an unplanned prolonged shutdown
  • receive alerts for:
  • oil change, tire change, etc.
  • renew insurance, make a technical visit, etc.

In short:

The geo-tracking solution by DanguirTelematics offers the essentials to schools at a very competitive price, which will ensure a good quality of service for schools and will reinforce their professional image with the parents of the students, and will make it possible to anticipate future problems and warn them before they arrive!

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