GPS geolocation of couriers and deliverers on motorcycles

Among the services that suffer the most from problems with the management of the movements of their employees, it is surely the companies which have services of deliveries/races on motorcycles.

The geo-tracking service of Danguir Telematics intended for the service of deliveries and couriers on motorcycles is very effective in reducing:

  • fuel consumption
  • the risk of offenses and accidents
  • out-of-service or unauthorized travel
  • maintenance costs and wear of spare parts
  • late deliveries and customer complaints

Optimizing the management of delivery services and motorcycle races at DanguirTelematics requires a two-level approach:

  1. on the material level, we install a GPS box adapted to motorcycles which is characterized by:
    • a mini but robust and undetectable form in the eyes of the curious
    • low power consumption suitable for motorcycle batteries
    • a stable and durable hardware design that almost never requires maintenance
  2. On the software level, our geolocation solution guarantees a high quality service which allows for example to:
    • locate motorcycles in real time on a digital map on phone and pc
    • be notified by alerts in the event of:
      • speeding
      • unplugging the GPS unit
      • use of the motorcycle outside working hours
      • low motorcycle battery, etc.

In addition:

  • access to a one-year overdraft history of motorcycles, which is very useful for solving problems with employees, customers or an administration
  • the ability to set service and maintenance alerts such as:
    • drain
    • renew insurance
    • change tires / brake pads / timing chain
  • receiving alerts if a motorcycle enters/leaves a geographical area (Geofencing)

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