Geo-tracking solution for recovery vehicles by GPS

Competition between repair companies is very tough, so as a company operating in this sector you should obviously optimize your costs to always remain competitive vis-à-vis your competitors, and also guarantee a responsive and quality service. to retain your customers. Among the most substantial expenses are undoubtedly those of fuel and maintenance costs, spare parts, tires, etc. The DanguirTelematics geo-tracking service aimed at companies in the repair sector is very effective for:
  • Reduce your fuel consumption, by limiting fuel theft, and minimize maintenance costs and wear and tear on spare parts, by stopping illegal, out-of-service or unauthorized use of tow trucks.
  • Improve the service for your customers, and increase the performance of your workers/employees, by remotely controlling their reactivity and compliance with working hours.

The optimization of troubleshooting services, via DanguirTelematics services, takes the form of a two-level approach:

  1. On the Hardware level of GPS and their accessories, we install on your vehicles reliable high quality equipment manufactured in Europe, which is adapted to tow trucks which includes:
    • A “Made in Europe” GPS box, capable of supporting the nature of the interventions of recovery vehicles.
    • Depending on the vehicle model, a fuel gauge/sensor for the tank or a reader from the vehicle’s computer are installed for fuel control, which offer high precision up to the nearest liter of fuel.
    • A highly secure installation to avoid any damage to the GPS box or the fuel gauge, whether by accident or by vandalism.
  2. On the software level of the GPS platform, our geolocation solution guarantees you a high quality service with a multitude of features that allow you to:
    • Geolocate breakdown vehicles and service cars in real time or on the history by GPS, via a digital map, on Android/iPhone Smartphone and on PC/Mac.
    • Control the fuel level remotely via GPS in real time or on reports available at will.
    • Supervise compliance with instructions, responsiveness, intervention areas, and work schedules in real time via GPS or on daily, weekly or monthly reports with a single click on the DanguirTelematics platform.

In addition:

  • You will receive 24/7 notifications on the GPS platform via the mobile application or PC/Mac in the event of:
    • Fuel theft
    • Filling the tank
    • Unauthorized use of tow trucks outside working hours
    • Disconnecting the GPS unit
    • Speeding for breakdown vehicles and service cars
  • We also offer tailor-made solutions to meet your most specific needs.
  • the ability to set service and maintenance alerts such as:
    • drain
    • renew insurance
    • change tires / brake pads / timing chain
    • receiving alerts if a breakdown vehicle or a service
    • car leaves or enters a geographical area (Geofencing)

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